Sangeeta S Bahl

From a Flying Crew to a Mountaineer

I never in my dreams imagined that the icy views of mountains I saw from the top of cockpits and aircrafts would actually be the ones that I climb now. From training to becoming an Airline crew to training to become a mountaineer has indeed been a long journey with motherhood and marriage thrown in… Continue reading From a Flying Crew to a Mountaineer

Self Belief is the Power Mantra of Women

I have had the time of my life speaking my heart out to the women from all walks of life. It connected me to my soul even more because I am climbing Mount Everest to spread that gender equality is a must and strength of women united can make a huge difference in society. Listening… Continue reading Self Belief is the Power Mantra of Women

Say Yes! to Opportunities..

All I knew at 19 was that I wanted to strut my trolley down airports and click clock in heels and look smart as hell as a airline crew. Did I think at 22 I would be attempting Everest at 52 ??? No way! Life is a journey to be enjoyed each and every day.… Continue reading Say Yes! to Opportunities..

Countdown to Kathmandu

I have only  6 weeks to go to Kathmandu . I spent the entire day browsing through my mountaineering cupboard and was excited just looking at the things in there. I have collected a barrage of colors  warmth to match  my moods , being the image consultant that i am. I remember very vividly that… Continue reading Countdown to Kathmandu

Born to Inspire

I  just turned 52 today. And want to introduce you to the girl who has always followed her heart. She has always been active, determined and focused but never sporty her entire life and had not stepped in the likes of a gym until life took a different turn at the age of 46. The… Continue reading Born to Inspire