Message from Sangeeta

“My eyes told a different story from what my lips professed when I was close to my journey to climb Mount Everest and summit. I was feeling dejected and sad when I returned as the dream lay unfulfilled.

Determined to go back, here I am once again, gearing towards chartering the familiar enchanting terrain towards the Everest base camp, and to my onward journey to climb the highest mountain on earth: Mount Everest. I can never get tired of looking with marvel at the landscape of the mountains that seem to follow us as we progress. My Journey of Everest last year humbled me more than ever when I realised that life is far more important, and to turning back when sick, from camp 3, is better than heading up towards disaster, of no return.

I look forward to my start towards the Himalayas and Sagarmatha with renewed vigour, experience and enthusiasm. Wish me luck!”

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