Sangeeta S Bahl

Everest Diaries 3

I am so fortunate to be perched up high with my tent at a point where the first rays of sun stream into the warmth of my tent. The glistening snow and particles quietly melt into vapour and water. I can see the kitchen tent as I slowly unzip the flap to witness the awesome… Continue reading Everest Diaries 3

Everest Dairies 2

Update from Sangeeta: 17th April 2018 Puja performed by the Lamas at the Everest base camp for the team to ascend safely higher. On 19th April, our first rotation goes as follows: we make our way up to camp 1 and touch camp 2, and return to base camp.

Everest Diaries 1

Hi folks, I have been waking up every single day with an added bounce in my step. On 3rd April, I set out to chart a new territory on my trail from Namache bazaar to Doley. I remember telling my husband this and he said “very Funny” as we Punjabis call upper-arm muscles “Doley Sholey”.

Journey to the top Mount Everest 2018

If you ask me how was I feeling when I left India to travel the flight to Kathmandu, my answer would be “completely composed”. What do you mean? You are going to Mount Everest and you are calm and composed? Yes! My state of mind was exactly that. I left on 28th morning in a… Continue reading Journey to the top Mount Everest 2018

From Kathmandu to Lukla and more

Sangeeta left Kathmandu on 30th March for Lukla Meeting the Sherpa Team Arrived in Lukla after a very bumpy landing Trek from Lukla to Phakding Trek from Phakding to Namache took 8 hours and a bit of rain Acclimatising day on 1st April in Namache Snowing in Namache. Altitude 3450mts Stay tuned for more updates from… Continue reading From Kathmandu to Lukla and more