Sangeeta S Bahl

Born to Inspire

I  just turned 52 today. And want to introduce you to the girl who has always followed her heart. She has always been active, determined and focused but never sporty her entire life and had not stepped in the likes of a gym until life took a different turn at the age of 46. The only thing she remembers as a teenager is climbing trees, chasing squirrels or picking fruit. But getting into real time fitness so late required an incentive to go ahead and experience something new. The chance surfaced and soon enough she accompanied her husband to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, this amazing mountain in Africa, from his bucket list. She just went along seeking adventure and new paths. Little did she realise that 5 years later she will  be setting up to climb the highest mountain in the world.  The one thing that has stayed with her all throughout has been always to challenge herself! And how! 

Less than 7 weeks from now the fun will begin but so will the exciting time to reach out and experience the mountain that had only been heard of in early years of learning in the geography books. 

Who would have thought that ME, Sangeeta, who at 14 wanted to become a Nun just because it was the holy thing to do in the Christian environment of Jesus and Convent Education. By 16, all changed in a jiffy as hormones took over and opposite sex just wouldn’t let you think otherwise. By 17, my mind was made up to become an Air Hostess which I relentlessly pursued traversing through all airline jobs to finally settle as a Flying crew with the best. Emirates.!

My life unfolded onto a unbelievable platform of culture traversing through continents and I was soon called the jet setter.

Education now took a new meaning as travel beckoned me every single day with a rewarding experience. The world opened up and the horizon to reach out became closer amongst 80 nationalities mingling in a single shot 15 years flew faster than a Concorde to the end of the world, but not without mentally challenging myself to seek an Executive MBA amidst serious flying duties of managing an entire contingent of passengers and crew all safely and securely Travel and learning became an everyday lifetime opportunity but it was time to tickle my brain cells.

Marriage, child and domesticity took over for a few years  as a priority before the quest to learn more continued. Image consulting became a natural progression to what I already had but needed a stamp of certification to pioneer it in India. Impact Image Consultants was born to fill the void of individuals and corporates seeking expertise in Appearance, Behaviour and Communication. It is now in the 11th year, running successfully.

But Mountains??? It has driven me to find Myself and slowly I am one with the nature. Its no wonder I have been nicknamed “Mountain Girl”

Mountains complete me as I venture out to seek myself amidst bounty of nature and supreme bliss. I have gravitated towards the simpler pleasures that do not require materialism to keep you happy. The sheer fact that this girl is herself in the mountains itself is a marvel. 

I now climb to know more about myself and gear people towards the simplest pleasures not found anywhere else.

A new world awaits…!

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