Sangeeta S Bahl

Countdown to Kathmandu

I have only  6 weeks to go to Kathmandu . I spent the entire day browsing through my mountaineering cupboard and was excited just looking at the things in there. I have collected a barrage of colors  warmth to match  my moods , being the image consultant that i am. I remember very vividly that on the summit of Kilimanjaro, I told the guide to wait before I put on my red lipstick matching my red mountain hardwear down jacket. That moment was born and the photo hanging on the wall tells a story. And this was after 11 hours of climb to the summit. I wonder what I should do on top of the world.

I am looking forward to my downsuit of Everest which has been custom designed from USA. A new pair of mitts, gloves to keep you from freezing and avoiding frostbite are the first of my list.

My mind is juggling home and arrangements , my loving son Aarnav who will be constantly in my thoughts, my lively adorable pets and of course my Everester Hubby Ankur. 

I am climbing Everest  to spread the strength of Indian women to empower them even more. I must admit, get your biggest supporter to be your hubby and you are sorted for the world. He has been my  rock!

The strength of mind can take you to dizzying heights metaphorically and virtually. I spend a few minutes each and every day visualising the mountain , feeling the cold and also imagining that I am perfectly all right.  So be it!

Waiting for the team members to be introduced to each other on my Everest expedition

Life is about to change in more ways than one. The mere fact that I have been waiting and training for  5 years before attempting the highest peak on earth is enough to let you know is never easy.

It will be my first above 7000mts and also with oxygen and climbing up high. They visualising your dream each day brings you close to your goal. I do see the path ahead of me is going to be more than challenging, harder but at the same time a new revelation of my grit , determination and persistence.

Like I said… life is about to change 

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