Sangeeta S Bahl

Say Yes! to Opportunities..

All I knew at 19 was that I wanted to strut my trolley down airports and click clock in heels and look smart as hell as a airline crew. Did I think at 22 I would be attempting Everest at 52 ??? No way!

Life is a journey to be enjoyed each and every day. When opportunity comes your way, take it. Either you will continue with it or leave it but never say no to a good offer. When I was offered modelling contract for a bpl  calender, I not only shot with the best photographers but also got a colored tv which was so rare in those days. Joining the airline industry took me to a completely new level and travel was deeply ingrained in my blood which till today stands. Why would I do if I did not travel ? I would go beserk !

Many people call me a woman with roller skates on.

My recent trip to Gulmarg arguably has been a boon in disguise. Not only did I travel to my state to train for snow conditioning for my upcoming climb  to Everest but also got an opportunity to spend quality time with my mother who’s turning 75 this year. She took to snow as fish takes to water. After careful explanation of her wearing the right gear out in freezing cold, she went ahead and wore all that was needed to look like a mountaineers mom . Photographs do justice to her makeover.

sangeeta s bahl gulmarg

Opportunities knock softly …and one must take full advantage of it .

Take my case, if I hadn’t said yes to accompanying my husband to Kilimanjaro to fulfill his bucket list, I wouldn’t have started this journey.

Gulmarg was a perfect to high altitude arena to go and bust boundaries and threshold of my training to climb up and down 2500feet at one go with all heavy gear and  backpack to check my heartbeat, endurance and cold.  Two days in a row , I basked on the beauty of the splendours of fir trees, casting shadows in early evening and looking like snowmen protecting me. The snow sprinkled it’s blessings as I trekked up the slopes with skiers flying past like zombies in motion. Each step was a delight and each moment cherished with gratitude. I came back energized and more enthusiastic than ever. Go everest go girl!

Ever single day is a blessing in disguise to unveil   unfold and unravel mysteries of the world. Go ahead full steam and extremely.  You never know what you will find and what you will discover about yourself. 

There’s everything to gain and nothing to lose.

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