Sangeeta S Bahl

From a Flying Crew to a Mountaineer

I never in my dreams imagined that the icy views of mountains I saw from the top of cockpits and aircrafts would actually be the ones that I climb now.

From training to becoming an Airline crew to training to become a mountaineer has indeed been a long journey with motherhood and marriage thrown in between. I look back at my history and have a smile on my face simply because I knew I had to keep going even when I shifted from being a ex crew to a homemaker for sometime.

Now whenever I am flying, I always feel at home in the sky because I spent a decade and a half flying. The memories are alive with pictures and people who came into my life. Some have still stayed and some odd ones connect once in a while.
I feel awesome that my transition from a girl who didn’t step into a gym has culminated into a fitness freak wanting to get better and better.
I remember distinctly the inaugural flight to Hong Kong and His highness Sheikh Ahmed Al Makhtoum was on board. Being in my early twenties I was very naive to think that sheikhs only wore jalabias and not business suits. It was only during the course of the long flight that Sheikh Ahmed came to the economy section where I was a grade 2, a new joinee who did not recognise him. It was only when everybody including my purser Wendy told us about him, I took that opportune picture and it has stayed with me.

Life takes such interesting turns and I have gone ahead and discovered new undiscovered paths .
My ab initio course colleagues were the best thing that happened to me and I am still in touch with many of them. Memories are everything….

The present moment has to be enjoyed to create the best memories…

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