Sangeeta S Bahl

“Log Kya Kahengey” or what do people think !has never bothered me

Sometimes when I look back at my life, I value each moment I have pushed harder, even though it has been tough. During my 20s, I chanced upon a book “Tough Times don’t last but tough people do” by Robert Schuller and that made a lasting impression in my life. I have since presented this book to a lot of people so they can also become tougher.
Many many Thousands ask me ” what drives you? to do challenging tasks? Please do not think, I have it easy at all. I struggle like the rest of the world but two things Set me apart.
1.I have Never worried about ” Log kya kahengey“or what will the people think.
My mother always tells me to date that If I set my mind to something, I will go after it, chase it, find out how and where to get it. I remember when I finished my BA and came to Delhi, looking for a job, I always wanted to join an airline, as all young girls even now dream of. So I walked into the Kuwait Airways office and convinced them to try me out for Rs 1400. After 3 interviews, I got taken in as a temp and I was determined to learn everything that I could to grow. I was a little awkward and not so polished as the delhi girls in the office and so learnt step by to learn the skills and be the best. More jobs followed in the airline industry simply because I kept trying for what I wanted. When I joined as a cabin crew, the mind set of the society was far from appreciative. That did not stop my ambition to keep going and by the time I left my job,:Emirates Airline” I had already acquired 22 years of International experience and An Executive MBA from Uk whilst flying, setting a benchmark for crew that they can be” brainy and beautiful” People are still talking about this now.


Now they cannot believe that a Cabin crew can become a “Mountaineer’. And how!!!
2.Failures are my stepping stones
When a baby learns to walk, it takes the baby steps and with support stands up and walks. Whenever I failed or faced disappointments, I took it in my stride and chose to improve and did not stay in the past. I have always stood up and held my head with pride and said to myself” whats the learning in this? Then the path has been to learn and have a second chance. Opportunities are milestones in your success. keep trying. so what if you fail? keep going!
My journey is to complete climbing the 7 continents of the world. And I plan to attempt Mount Everest once again when I find myself fully ready. So far, 2018 is beckoning!!
I am learning more and more about myself post my Everest attempt in April/may 17 to get fitter, stronger and ready for scaling sagarmatha! Here we go!!

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