Sangeeta S Bahl

2017 Sagarmatha Recap

Below is a timeline of Sangeeta’s first attempt to summit Mt.Everest. She had to be evacuated due to bad health on 22nd May 2017. However, she’s back on her quest to conquer Sagarmatha this year – 2018 – and is leaving for Nepal on 28th March 2018. Follow her journey on our website.
2nd April 2017 – New Delhi to Kathmandu, Nepal
3rd April 2017
All packed and the magical journey to the mountains begin ! Lukla tomo weather permitting of course.
~ Sangeeta
Arrived here at phakding 2610mts after a very early start from kathmandu and onto lukla. Trail trek was less than 3 hours…
Waiting for yummy lunch now
~ Sangeeta
Sangeeta as part of the 2017 Himalayan expedition team
~ Ankitaa
5th April 2017
Sangeeta is in Namche Bazaar today!
~ Ankitaa
A fast energising hike up from 3490 mts to 3900mts today. Saw the everest in its splendour. Weather was awesome and so were the spirits. Back for lunch now and then some shopping.
~ Sangeeta
12th April 2017
Sangeeta is in Gorakshep today, at 16942 feet. Forward to Everest Base Camp tomorrow!
~ Ankitaa
18th April 2017
Sangeeta is back at the Everest Base Camp after her first rotation. Next time, she will get up to Camp 3 as per the acclimatisation routine. She is doing fine
~ Ankitaa
21st April 2017
“Sangeeta did great during the 2nd rotation and had an active rest day yesterday at Camp 2 (21500 ft). Today, the team is planning to touch Camp 3 at 23000ft on the lhotse face and head back to Camp 2 for the night The route is steep all the way. There is a lot of ice which is going to increase the challenge. I believe all your training and physical strength gets you up to Camp 3 and after that its your mind and the spur of your convictions which propel you to 29035ft…All in all its good fun.! Go Sangeeta go !!!”
~ As posted by Ankur Bahl on Facebook
27th April 2017
Sangeeta is back in Everest Base Camp after touching nearly 7000mts in Camp 3. Stay tuned for more updates soon!
~ Ankitaa
7th May 2017
Check out Sangeeta on her Facebook to track her progress. She’s currently preparing for the final push to summit the Big E – Mount Everest! Here’s wishing her all the best.. conquer Sagarmatha and come back soon
~ Ankitaa
Check out Sangeeta’s interview on Sahara Samay
12th May 2017
Sangeeta moving up tonight for final summit push. Check back soon to track her progress!
~ Ankitaa
22nd May 2017
Sangeeta was evacuated from Camp II while attempting to summit Mt. Everest on May 21, 2017. She was airlifted to Kathmandu, given proper medical attention and is now recuperating back at her home in Gurgaon find on click dublin painters. She will attempt Mt. Everest again, once she is ready again. Thanks for staying with us so far. Browse this website to stay connected with Sangeeta S Bahl.

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