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Magical Journey to Mount Everest 2017 Begins 4th April 2017

When you are excited , you can hardly sleep and that’s what happened the night prior to my leaving for Kathmandu, on 3rd night. And just when I was settling in and getting around to sleeping, the hotel’s phone ring woke me up from my reverie and that was the wake up call. Oh! Bramhm Mahurat they say if you wake up between 3 am and 5am. And yes in spite of the flurry of activity between checking and locking my bag, I saw a sense of calm pervade over me. The day was here when this journey begins. The quick check out from the Hotel Yak and Yeti and putting up the duffel bags in the lined pile for Everest expedition 2017, we sat in the small bus heading to Kathmandu airport for Lukla. There was excitement in the air with the trekkers and climbers all talking at once about schedules and the what where when! 

With the bags checked in we were huddled into the security and before we knew we were off on Tara Air leaving for Lukla.  Some quick photo moments trying to get people in a frame we happily posed. Had a brilliant landing at the most dangerous airport in the world Lukla. Saw so many small planes landing and taking off. I thought to myself, it will be a while before I see Lukla again

A warm leisurely breakfast at sunrise lodge and off on to the trail to Phakding, our first stop for the night. We had a good lunch in the sun and went off to rest. Power naps and a little walk got me to early dinner.  My roomy for the night, Ingvild Semmestal, was from Norway and we chatted till the cows went home.

Next morning bright and chirpy we set off for a long day to. Climbing up to Namache Bazaar. My fav place in the EBC. Would you believe it is packed with coffee shops stores to buy your last minute stuff before you head off to the serious part of climbing and altitude.

Seven hours and two stops later we arrived at 3490 mts splendour.  The whole set up is so amazing and beautiful that you wonder how people stay here all year long in spite of snow and bad weather during winter.

Well.. you have to be here to see it to believe it. 

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