Relationship with self  is the ultimate key to success.

    “Make yourself your first Priority” -Sangeeta S Bahl

    Two weeks are already over in 2019 and your life too is passing by each day swiftly. The greatest gift you can give to yourself is how you treat yourself each day. Time spent on you will be the dividends of tomorrow. Invest your life by treating yourself right. There are 3 basic principals which will help you in your journey.


    I have learnt that Self care will be the no 1 Priority especially for women as we deal with so many things all at once requiring us to be available for a variety of tasks. Many people often ask me how I mange to ft in so much during the day and my answer is always ” self Care” leads to more energy. There was a time when my son had just been born and I did not sleep while he took a nap. The sleep deprivation got to me and I was not my best self. Then I came across another young mom who mentioned that when ever her child slept, she too slept to regain her energy. I started doing that and became a happier mom to my little infant. I learnt that looking after oneself can provide more opportunities to harness more energy and do fruitful things.

    The same has been true of my climbing prowess added with managing home , work and relationships. It has been far from easy but priorities always came first. I would sit down with my list of things to do everyday and check which was most important and it boil it down to always getting my exercise out of the way before I needed to address other important aspects of my life. Whether it has been increasing my fitness inside the gymn or travelling outdoors or climbing peaks, I have made a point to prioritise.

    Raise the Bar in your life in 2019

    Balance  When I was about 25,I was handed a bunch of keys as I became the owner of an apartment through my hard earned money literally by burning midnight oil. One wise man said to me, ” Balancing your life will never tip your scales to disaster ” Always think carefully before taking too much on your hands especially if you cannot complete it. Till today, I believe in balance of my life where Priortizing and then maintaining balance of whats important and doing away with what does not matter immediately has stood me up well. When you become conscious of your physical pursuits, your energies and balance, your spirituality emerges . Thats the time to savour and offer gratitude to the universe. Your mind automatically becomes peaceful .

    Miracles have happened when you have surprised yourself by doing something that you ever thought you could.

    Step out of your comfort Zone

    Take a test Today. Attempt a task that you wish you could but have not tried. I have lived my life by exploration of ideas and tasks. Mountaineering too happened the very same way. And look how far I have come. You can too. The real learnings happen in the outdoors when you are with yourselves and have time to reflect, relearn and rejoice.

    Go and explore today.

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