4 ways to increase Energy in your life

by Sangeeta S Bahl

 SMILE to live longer 



Hello Everyone!

I have been asked this question countless times! ” Where do you get your Energy from to do so many things?” Ok! Let me start by saying! I hadn’t really thought about it but now that I do, I guess it simply comes from “Not wasting Time”. Each day is a blessing when you wake up with your hands, toes and eyesight intact to see the wonders that earth has. I can appreciate this much more because I saw sights and people at Mount Everest this year which made me appreciate life even more. When I had lunch with Yuli Stek, the fastest Swiss mountaineer, one afternoon at Everest base camp, I was energised at his passion for seeing the real beauty of the mountains without feeling cold. Unfortunately He fell off the nuptse face two weeks later and died, still doing what he loved most, i.e. climbing.   His energy level was phenomenal and showcased his appreciation to life even at high altitude.

Over the years I have started feeling and living life in moments each day irrespective of what is going on. On early mornings during the weekend , when I am training outdoors,  I feel happy just looking at the sun rise, inspite of the smog surrounding the city. I feel joy to see stray and homeless doggies play after good samaritans and animal lovers have fed them . I enjoy the odd peacock strutting out of the bush to cross the trail or a neelgai running away from where people are evergreenmaids.com. There is no dearth of exciting things that can make you happy. For one , just spending 10 mins sitting near is plants or greenery can uplift your mood. Your energy comes live!



4 things that can brighten up your morning  every day

  1. Brighten up your home.

The most important colours are in the sides of yellow and green which can add energy to your environment. Add plants for that freshness.Your Bedroom should be clutter free and Bright. Free up your space for more energy and feeling of agility

2. Music is all time mood enhancer

I have found that  music can lift your spirits and make tasks easier here to do around the home. It works pretty well in the traffic too when you feel stressed. Switch it on and you can be transported into good vibrations.

3. Allot a  energy  corner just for You and ME time.

Do you know, that even playing with your pet can raise your level of energy? In your area, spend time just with yourself for 15 to 30 minutes just doing what you love hughes air co. I sketch and paint sometimes and knit during winter to increase my creativity which further energises me more to g and do other things. Write if you are stressed in a gratitude journal. your worries will decrease and you will feel lighter.

4. Smile till you perfect it.

No smile is perfect until it reaches your eyes. A smile straightens all and keeps you looking younger. Try it. I do all the time and it has worked for me in all situations .


When you feel you have a unique life , you will start appreciating more and feel blessed.

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